OpenIndie is an independent film distribution platform that endeavors to change the way we connect to films.  It allows audiences to learn about new films, engage with the creators,  and be alerted to screenings in their community.  Fans are further empowered to host films, sell DVDs and distribute downloads, making OpenIndie a vital alternative to the faltering system of studio distribution.

The idea was born out of filmmaker Arin Crumley’s innovative self-distribution of the film Four Eyed Monsters and was brought to life by developer Kieran Masterton.  Money to build a beta version of the site was provided by 265 online backers who donated over $12,000.

The project currently seeks:
Open source software developers who work with the raspberry pi
Ruby on rails developers
Industrial Designers


Four Eyed Monsters


What if two people documented their real-life relationship and turned it into a multimedia project? Four years and hundreds of hours of footage later, the answer is contained in a feature length film, a 13 episode online series and a passionate online community connecting with each other around the eternal questions… What is love? What is creativity? Why do relationships end?

Co-directed by Arin Crumley and Susan Buice the film went to dozens of festivals, received 2 Spirit Award nominations, positive New York Times and Village Voice reviews, and won the Sundance Channel Audience Award.

FOUR EYED MONSTERS has grossed a quarter of a million dollars and both the film and online series have received millions of views online. Currently the film can be seen on Netflix and ordered on DVD here, and the online series can be watched here.


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